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Groz: I’m living life out loud with Parkinson’s

The Groz!

After longtime 710 ESPN host Dave Grosby, aka “the Groz,” had arterial bypass surgery on his leg last year, he developed severe insomnia that he couldn’t overcome. The sleep deprivation was relentless and draining. Just when he thought it couldn’t get worse, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last November. Parkinson’s is a painful and progressive nervous system disorder that affects your mobility and balance.

“Parkinson’s is unique for everyone who gets it,” Grosby explained. “In my case, insomnia and depression were the signs.”

Grosby doesn’t have the same motor skills issues that many other patients have, but he lives with aches and pains that, on some days, can be crippling.

As he deals with his health challenges, Grosby has been sharing his Parkinson’s journey on social media. He told KIRO Radio’s Gee and Ursula Show that in 2004, when he had his bypass heart surgery, he decided to “live his life out loud.”

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He said he wanted to be public about his health challenge.

On his bad days, Grosby admits it can be hard to feel optimistic. But then he reminds himself that he could have it worse, and that he is the one who controls how he feels about it.

“It’s pointless to dwell on what’s going wrong,” he said. “Why be upset? There’s no reason to waste emotion on things you can’t change.”

Instead, he gets comfort and strength from other people who’ve been so encouraging as he shares this chapter of his life story.

The Groz turns 60 soon. He plans to continue “living life out loud” for a very long time.

“If it can help benefit anyone, at any time, then your life and the struggle has some meaning.”

The Groz mentioned there are a couple of events coming up soon to help raise awareness for those living with Parkinson’s — the 18th annual Magic of Hope Gala and Auction on March 14 and the Optimism Walk in June.

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