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A warmer, more optimistic approach

President Trump’s election year State of the Union address struck a different tone from his previous major speeches — an adjustment well-crafted to connect with shifts in the national mood.

The president didn’t mention impeachment, and never came across as aggrieved or defensive — instead exulting in real accomplishments of his first three years while honoring admirable Americans that his team had assembled in the galleries.

This warmer, more optimistic approach reflected a remarkable Gallup Poll showing increased confidence in the nation’s direction: In rating the “overall quality of life,” a remarkable 84 percent called themselves satisfied, while — by a margin of three-to-one — respondents felt satisfied at “the opportunity for a person to get ahead by working hard.”

If the president continues to work hard to promote and reflect this sunny mood, and steers clear of angry condemnation and complaint, he can help ensure his re-election and build the foundation for a successful second term.

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