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Feedback Friday, Dori
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The ‘sweet’ new nickname for Seattle City Council

(KIRO Radio)

Advice that Dori might knee-d

Dori, look forward, not back! I had my knee replaced in ’96 at age 58, and a year later was able to travel to China. I have gone to a number of other places, including Peru, over the years. I was also able to get back to some skiing and went “out the door” solo again on my 75th birthday. Life can be good. May the surgery go well and put you back in the saddle ASAP!

– Ron in Issaquah

Hey Dori, I’m 67 and had both knees done. If you hit the rehab like they suggest, you will be back to work before three weeks. You should be on your feet after the first week, rehabbin’.

– Kerry in Randle

I’ve listened to you your entire career and I generally agree with your common-sense approach. I also have never contacted your show, but after hearing today’s show, I thought I should. I’m 72, a very active guy (weight lifter, ex-runner, swimmer, snorkeler, and a bunch of other ex’s) who had a knee replacement two years ago. It was the best decision I ever made. I was up and walking (not counting the drugged-up first day) within one week while assisted, and two weeks unassisted. PT was very important to do every day, along with icing regularly. After one month, I was pretty normal, but it does take several months to start really stressing the knee. Good luck and go Hawks!

– Greg in Kent

How to solve Seattle’s problems

I think you are probably the only one in Seattle who actually cares. Never stop. I will never go to Seattle again in my lifetime, and I will suggest to my six children and 16 grandchildren to do the same. It is a sad, sad place. And they do not run this state. Seattle is a disgrace to mankind.

– Robert in Mount Vernon

The people peddling false stats

Given the rose-colored glasses that seem to be worn by the Seattle City Council, I believe they need to be referred to as the Lollipop Guild.

– Steven in Langley

Noon to 3 won’t be nearly as fun anymore

Just wanted to say thank you. You have been a voice I could tune into for 20 years during my job as a communications tech. This year, I will leave the business to venture on to something else that won’t give me the opportunity to listen to you during the day anymore. I have written to you a few times over the years, and I want to thank you for responding to me every single time. Thanks, Dori.

– Larry in Orting

A big week for national politics

Nancy Pelosi loves to say that Trump will have to live with the fact that he was impeached. A good reply — the Democrats will have to live with the fact that they falsely accused a sitting president and wasted the nation’s time and resources with their bogus impeachment challenge. Which is worse?

– David in Leavenworth

Why do you discount the credentials of Pete Buttigieg? He was responsible for a smaller city. Mayors work their backsides off. Most of his opponents are current or former U.S. senators; a longtime criticism of senators is that they don’t have to work very hard. I enjoy your show, by the way. It makes people think.

– Ned in Seattle 

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