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Ross: Analyzing Trump’s post-impeachment victory lap

President Trump. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

President Trump has gotten a lot of criticism for his behavior Thursday, first at the National Prayer Breakfast, and then at his victory party at the White House.

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But I have to give him this: He didn’t fake it.

At the Prayer Breakfast, the keynote speaker, Professor Arthur Brooks, quoted Jesus command to love your enemies.

“Ask God to take political contempt from your heart,” said Brooks. “And sometimes when it’s just too hard — ask God to help you fake it.”

Fake it! Well, when it was the President’s turn, he stood up and said, “can’t do that!”

“I apologize,” said Trump. “I’m trying to learn, when they impeach you for nothing then you’re supposed to like them it’s not easy folks – I do my best.”

And by the time he got to the White House celebration later that afternoon, his only apology was to his family.

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“I want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phony rotten deal by some very evil and sick people,” Trump stated.

So much for “love your enemy.”

But the inconvenient truth here is I’ll bet 99% of us who call ourselves Christian and who find ourselves under attack – even though we know full well what the Bible tells us to do –would react in precisely the same way.

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