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Inslee's poll numbers
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Dori: Why Inslee’s recent poll numbers are so disastrous

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We have a government that is failing us, and nowhere is that more evident than in Gov. Jay Inslee’s poll numbers.

Crime runs rampant. The politicians’ solution to out-of-control crime is to just make up crime stats and tell us lies, even when we know the hidden truth.

We’ve essentially legalized drugs by not prosecuting them, which has brought in drug-dealing gangs that engage in shootouts downtown. We see the effect of drug legalization in every park and school, on every sidewalk littered with heroin needles, on the feces-ridden front step of every hardworking business owner.

That is why Jay Inslee, in a brand-new poll by KING 5 and Survey USA, is down to 41 percent approval.

Dori: Inslee worries about coronavirus, not medieval diseases in homeless encampments

Think about that. Washington is a blue state that has voted for this guy twice. He has eight years of name recognition on which to build. His approval rating is far lower than the national approval of a president whom half the country seems to hate. This is a disaster for Inslee.

Why are Inslee’s poll numbers so low? He has done nothing to solve any of our region’s problems. He doesn’t seem to care about the crime or homelessness. How many of you sat in a 90-minute commute this week because our roads are so gridlocked? What is the solution from Inslee’s party? They want to remove “congestion relief” from the Washington State Department of Transportation’s goal list.

Inslee cares about a couple of things. He cares about his phony calling to combat climate change. You know he doesn’t believe his own words, or he would not live the way he does with all of his unnecessary airplane travel. And he cares about bringing as many illegal immigrants as possible to our state — and if they kill a cop or two along the way, that’s just collateral damage.

The broader goal is to create the largest nanny state. With low unemployment, who will be completely dependent on government if other people are raising up their own lives by working? Well, people who don’t speak the language have economic challenges because of that, so they will depend on the government for food, housing, medicine, and education.

People recognize that Inslee’s big goals don’t do anything for our lives, for the things that are important to us — our families, our homes, our security. We want our children to walk down the street without stepping on a heroin needle. These are the things we really care about, but our politicians have zero interest in them.

An example of the way our politicians stick their heads in the sand is the $63 million pedestrian bridge over I-5 in Northgate. Four blocks south of this planned bridge is an I-5 overpass, and on that overpass are sidewalks. But pedestrians would have to walk four blocks south to get to that overpass, so we can’t have that. Instead, it’s better to spend $63 million on one of the most expensive pedestrian bridges ever built.

Here’s the other interesting thing. There are no Republican gubernatorial candidates whom anyone even knows. According to this poll, Republic Police Chief Loren Culp gets 5 percent of the vote. Sen. Phil Fortunato gets 4 percent. Former Bothell Mayor Joshua Freed gets 4 percent. We’ve had them all on the show. Candidate Anton Sakharov (whom we need to get on the show) gets 3 percent. Oh, and then there’s Tim Eyman, an independent, who has name recognition –but no one knows if the Republican Party would have him. So there’s no clear Republican emerging.

If only someone with name recognition could jump into the Republican race and straighten out this state. It looks like I have a lot of thinking to do while I’m out with my knee surgery …

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