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President, Democratic debate
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Ross: Presidential candidates need to go back to basics

Democrats at the latest debate. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Our President and would-be Presidents are now unleashed, and going after each other with all they’ve got.

Ross: Trump’s State of the Union had Democrats cornered

And it looks like this is going to be a battle over political philosophies – Capitalism versus Socialism.

Another eight months debating political philosophy! Yippee!

Well speaking only for myself, I see Socialism, Capitalism or any philosophy that attempts to explain everything – as the political version of Windows Update.

It’s supposed to streamline your life, right? But the patches never end, until your old computer, which used to work fine, starts losing consciousness and wakes up just long enough to tell you to buy a new computer.

Enough of these attempts to re-engineer human nature!

I want a candidate who can handle the obvious stuff and do it without preaching, or scolding, or trolling.

Because a lot of this is obvious. Roads should be smooth – that’s number one. People should be educated. You shouldn’t end up poor because you get sick. And if you start off poor, you should have an escape route.

Ross: Democrats should not be afraid of Fox News

Oh, and no one should live in constant fear of being shot at random.

I would think that America, which invented both baseball and Tang, could produce at least one would-be President who can patch our operating system without needing a whole new computer.

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