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Roger Stone, Congress
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Ross: Roger Stone case proves Congress is full of Constitutional wimps

Roger Stone. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Senator Chuck Schumer is looking to open yet another investigation into President Trump.

Trump starting to make U.S. feel more like ancient Rome

What he wants to figure out this time is whether the President influenced the Justice Department’s recommended sentence for Trump’s friend, Roger Stone.

Mr. Stone was convicted last year of seven felonies because he used the e-mails hacked by Russia to help the Trump campaign, and lied about it.

And four federal prosecutors thought he should get up to nine years for that. But after the President made it clear he thought Stone did nothing to deserve that much time, those four prosecutors resigned from the case.

Now maybe that deserves investigating. But OK, even if you determine the President did something wrong, what are you going to do? Impeach him?

Didn’t you hear what he said about this little incident?

“I’m not concerned about anything,” the President stated recently.

Ross: Maybe Trump needs to be more efficient in his lawbreaking

Heck, the guy can flat out pardon Roger Stone if he wants to.

Donald Trump is not just a President anymore — he is a ruler, empowered by a Congress whose members may be very brave individually, but collectively, are Constitutional wimps.

You can threaten to investigate all you want, but the ruler has made himself clear: Stop mistreating the friends of the ruler.

And stop pretending to be so shocked.

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