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Reports of Spokane Public Schools students playing ‘Molest Me Mondays’

Spokane Public Schools Community Relations Director Brian Coddington spoke with the Dori Monson Show to discuss a game trending among Shaw Middle School students called “Molest Me Mondays.”

As KXLY reported, the game involved students touching each other inappropriately or following each other into the bathroom.

Coddington said there was one reported instance of the game this year in the Spokane Public Schools, and staff have been alerted to monitor for this behavior. The students involved were disciplined, and their parents were made aware of what occurred.

“It’s something that staff is very mindful of and pays close attention to,” Coddington said. “We’ve taken steps in terms of educating staff members of what to look for and how to help students be comfortable reporting that to a trusted adult.”

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