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Dori calls in to talk knee surgery recovery, $30 tabs case, Bernie

The debate over Washington's car tabs continues. (MyNorthwest photo)

A very special guest called in to talk to the Dori Monson Show on Friday … Dori himself! The talk show host continues to recover from knee surgery, but he had to talk about the biggest headlines of the day.

Knee surgery update

“I had surgery Monday morning, and I’m walking around with a little help. Everything is going great, it’s awesome — though I don’t think I’m going to be getting above the basketball rim anymore. The day after the knee surgery was truly the worst pain I have had in my life. I’m not trying to be melodramatic, and I do think I have a high pain tolerance. But Tuesday was tough. The doctor warned me about it; friends who have had it done warned me. And it does really stink. But you can go through a couple days of agony to replace a constant daily drumbeat of mild to moderate pain. That kind of pain just wears you down over time. So this was well worth it.”

Knee replacement doesn’t stop Dori giving hot takes

Washington State Supreme Court rules against $30 tabs

“This was frustrating, because two of the nine Supreme Court justices said and recognized that Sound Transit should not be able to lie to the voters. Sound Transit lied to the Legislature just to get the measure on the ballot in the first place. This just proves what I’ve been saying for a long time — our attorney general and Supreme Court do not rule by the law or Constitution, they rule by doing their masters’ bidding. Their masters are the unions and the contractors, who are making hundreds of millions on property acquisition when they are tipped off about where the Sound Transit line will be. So, if the law and Constitution do not matter to our politicians, I think we are in a very scary time.

“Sound Transit has been built on hiding truths from the voters. Back in the 1990s, I went back into Sound Transit’s environmental impact statement, and found that they admitted their trains would do nothing to reduce traffic congestion in the Puget Sound. But this fact was hidden from the voters. Even to this day, they celebrated getting light rail to Husky Stadium early and under budget, when in actuality they were 10 years behind schedule. They are still 14 years behind schedule — they were supposed to have light rail in the U District back in 2006, and it is not there yet in 2020 — and they are billions over budget. They lie about everything. But I suppose that is the only way you can bilk people out of $100 billion. This is truly a heist unlike anything we have ever seen in our nation’s history. It is the most criminal public enterprise in the history of the United States.”

Bernie Sanders coming to the Seattle area

“Socialism is for losers, and sadly, what we have done in the last 20 or 30 years in America, and especially in Washington, is try to instill victimization in people — to convince them that they cannot achieve anything without government’s help. Sadly, we have more people with a loser mentality today than ever before. We used to be a self-sufficient nation of individuals proud of their accomplishments. In the Puget Sound, people like Jenny Durkan, Dow Constantine, Jay Inslee, and Pramila Jayapal try to instill that loser, victim mentality in as many people as possible. And once that mentality gets in your head, it’s tough to shake it loose. You start to believe that the only chance you have in life is if ‘Grandpa Bernie’ takes someone else’s money and gives it to you. That’s the appeal. It is a message aimed at losers. And disclaimer, if you’re listening to the Dori Monson Show and support Bernie, you might not be a loser. Maybe 2 percent of his supporters are not losers. But I think for the most part, his message appeals to people who do not believe in self-sufficiency.”

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