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Sunshine, Seattle
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Seattle gets rare burst of sunshine after historic gloomy weather

Sunshine is on the way to Seattle. (Space Needle webcam via National Weather Service)

After getting the wettest start to a year in over a decade, the Seattle area is finally getting something that resembles a streak of sunshine.

Seattle area gets wettest start to a year in over a decade

The National Weather Service is calling for “mostly sunny and dry” weather starting Tuesday, and continuing through Thursday. And while that may just be a three-day period, it’s significant in the larger context of an extremely rainy start to 2020.

In a 29-day period in January, Seattle saw just three days where there wasn’t measurable precipitation. That makes the idea of three consecutive sunny days in February that much more out of the ordinary for the region.

Seattle ties for most rainy January days in over a decade

A recent report from CNN detailed the city’s rainy day woes, pointing out that just two days in all of December “were even considered partly sunny, and those days still managed to have an average of 70% cloud cover in the sky’s above.”

Add in the fact that until recently, Seattle hadn’t experienced an official sunny day since November 30, and this week marks a needed reprieve.

The upcoming run of sunny weather will also be accompanied by frigid overnight temperatures in the low 30s, so be sure to either park indoors if you can, or have an ice scraper ready for the morning.

Rain is supposed to return to Seattle by the weekend, but that will be followed by another stretch of dry weather ranging from partly cloudy to mostly sunny.

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