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Ross: Russia is at it again ahead of 2020 presidential election

President Trump and Vladimir Putin. (Getty Images)

Just as a judge sentenced Roger Stone for his part in helping Russia interfere in the last presidential election, we heard that the U.S. intelligence community now believes Russia will try to interfere again in 2020.

Ross: It’s up to us to battle social media manipulation

There it is! Putin is trying to divide us just like in 2016, after personally assuring the President he wouldn’t.

Boy, wait until Trump finds out Putin lied to him — I wouldn’t want to be the whistleblower listening in on that phone call.

Frankly, I don’t really see why Putin thinks America still needs more dividing. After watching the last debate, I’m not sure it’s even physically possible.

Maybe he just likes a personal challenge. Or maybe he wants to see if he can pull it off without help from Roger Stone this time.

Anyway, now that we know Putin’s little green trolls will once again be lobbing social media grenades, I hope all of you will be on the alert for ads or Tweets or Instagrams or text messages spreading fake stories or stupid conspiracy theories.

The ongoing struggle for civility across Twitter

And if you find yourself tempted to read this Russian disinformation, you would save us all a lot of aggravation and help avoid hours of endless committee hearings and grand jury investigations if you would just turn your computer off.

At least until you can find good old 100% American-made disinformation.

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