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Ross: You can’t pin success of Bernie Sanders on Russia

Bernie Sanders. (Getty Images)

Bernie Sanders ran away with Nevada, and I know what you’re thinking – it must be Russia. How else could he have won when he insists on supporting Medicare for All, which the moderates have decided is too extreme and scares too many voters?

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And yet, the vote in Nevada shows that maybe it doesn’t scare voters.

Sanders won in Nevada despite that little fact sheet issued by the Culinary Workers Union, which noted that Sanders would end the union’s own health care plan and require members to join Medicare for All.

The leadership of the union saw that as a big problem. But it turns out the members of the union didn’t.

That had a solid majority of union members caucusing for Sanders.

Maybe it means they don’t really believe he actually would force them to give up their union plan, but it could also mean that even workers with good union-sponsored health care still feel insecure.

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Maybe they see even their union plans getting more expensive every year. Maybe they’re tired of being jerked around by the health care industry. Maybe they would feel better knowing that under Medicare for All, even if they got fired from that union job, no one could take away their health care coverage.

In other words, the union leadership tried to paint Sanders as too extreme, only to find out that workers actually wanted someone extreme.

I don’t think you can pin that on Russia.

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