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Democratic debate
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Ross: Latest Democratic debate was messiest one yet

Candidates at the latest Democratic debate. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

I sometimes hear people say these debates are boring. They are not boring.

KIRO Radio hosts react to ‘exhausting’ penultimate Democratic debate

Back in the day when the moderators would solemnly warn the audience not to clap or react in any way — that’s when they were boring.

These debates are exhausting, just trying to separate the simultaneous sound tracks. At one point Sanders and Buttigieg just decided that if CBS was going to be all fussy about time limits, they would just talk at the same time.

And they had made these arguments so many times they were completely undistracted by what the other was saying.

It was like a patter song from Hamilton.

It was like an argument between Alexa and Siri.

I thought Margaret Brennan was going to have to get out the duct tape.

Or at least enforce the concussion protocol.

In fact at one point, even Joe Biden flirted with breaking the rules.

KIRO Radio, KTTH hosts weigh in on fiery Dem debate in Las Vegas

“Why am I stopping? No one else stops,” he posited.

The only guy who didn’t see a need to participate in the scrum was Bloomberg, who had a sure-fire backup plan: He bought commercials during the breaks so he could make his points unopposed.

It does make for great TV, but you really should keep a sedative handy.

And if you missed anything, don’t worry – I’m pretty sure it’ll all be on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

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