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Dori: I have to commit perjury if I want to vote in primary

King County ballots this year require voters to publicly declare their party. (Photo contributed from listener)

Primary ballots are landing in people’s mailboxes, and voters are ticked off that you have to publicly declare your party on the outside of the envelope.

The official reason for this is to help make sure that people are only voting for the party they belong to. People who vote for both parties, who do not mark a party on the outside of the envelope, or who mark one party but vote for another will have their ballots disqualified. Party membership markings will be public record for 60 days after the primary.

Secretary of State Kim Wyman was on the show Monday and said she will not have her ballot counted because she feels her privacy is violated by this party declaration requirement. As she pointed out, she is a Republican, and since there are only two Republican options — incumbent President Donald Trump or a write-in — the very private matter of whom she votes for can be narrowed down, if not given away.

Sec. of State Wyman won’t vote in primary because of not-so-private ballots

Frankly, I hate this. What is the point of the secrecy envelope if we have to make our votes public?

A lot of people are very suspicious about all of this. How do we know ballots marked Republican will not mysteriously go missing in extremely blue King County?

For me, it’s fundamentally dishonest. As my listeners know, I’m cynical about politics. That means I am cynical about both parties. I do not consider myself a Democrat or a Republican.

For me to vote, I would have to lie. I would have to perjure myself on my ballot if I am going to vote.

That is a horrible situation for a citizen to be in. I have to break the law if I want to exercise my right to participate in a vote.

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