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Israel’s ‘Un-Super’ Monday

In this Friday, Feb. 21, 2020 photo, people walk on the hills in the West Bank during the Jordan Valley parade, in Jordan Valley. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is eager to court the votes of the country's influential West Bank settlers in critical elections next month. President's Donald Trump's Mideast plan seemed to be the key to ramping up their support. The plan envisions Israel's eventual annexation of its scores of West Bank settlements — a long time settler dream. But in the weeks since it was unveiled, Netanyahu has stumbled over his promises to quickly carry out the annexation, sparking verbal attacks from settler leaders. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

On March 3, Americans in 14 states will vote in primaries collectively known as “Super Tuesday,” but the day before, Israelis will cast ballots for the third time in less than a year and few citizens don’t see anything “super” about it.

Polling indicates yet another tight race, with neither the center-right Likud Party of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu nor the center-left Blue and White Party of General Benny Gantz winning enough parliamentary seats to assemble a government. This time the pressure for the two big parties to join a “national unity government” may become overwhelming, with Netanyahu and Gantz taking turns as Prime Minister. Israelis want leaders to put aside ambitions and animosities for the sake of the country.

In America, after the bitterness of impeachment and the brutal battle for the Democratic nomination, the public may want our leaders to do something similar — placing patriotism above pettiness and compromise above confrontation.

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