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Two dozen emergency workers quarantined for possible coronavirus

(KIRO 7 image)

Two dozen emergency workers are off the job as they are being monitored for possible exposure to the coronavirus.

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Earlier Saturday evening, KIRO 7 was told it was seven fighters but that number climbed to 25, adding two police officers who are being quarantined.

Fire station 21 in Kirkland has a sign up telling people to keep out, including firefighters based there.

Each firefighter is believed to have possibly come in contact with the coronavirus at Life Care Center.

Now the situation has resources stretched thin.

To keep families safe during the public health crisis, KIRO 7 was told the department will be relying on neighboring firefighters should anything huge happen.

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“We have excellent relationships with our regional fire departments, and we’re making sure we have all the conversations in place, so if we need assistance from our partners, that can be provided.”

The partnerships may soon include Kirkland police.

In downtown Kirkland, coronavirus has literally been the talk of the town.

“I’m not sure if we know how it’s been transmitted here, but I do hope we can keep it under control,” a community member told KIRO 7.

Health workers have insisted that none of the quarantined emergency workers have shown any symptoms.

This comes two weeks after Kirkland Fire posted job listings for rescuers.

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