If Jay Inslee really loves science, he can prove it right now

Mar 6, 2020, 12:17 PM
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Jay Inslee wants you to know he loves science. Great. He can prove it with a promise to veto the bill in Olympia that will shove sexuality down the throats of kindergarten kids and their parents.

Should Democrats choose to ignore the 58% of parents who don’t want it and 735 people who went to Olympia at 7 a.m. on a weekday to oppose it, the curricula that follows its passage will be based upon a known framework called Comprehensive Sexual Education. That framework teaches children, beginning in kindergarten, that they are sexual beings with the right to seek and have sexual pleasure, that they can — beginning in kindergarten — consent to sexual acts. It will also teach children that biology is no match for their feelings.

The two main curricula, FLASH and the 3Rs are repugnant to the biological and psychiatric sciences that Jay Inslee insists he loves.

Repugnant to biology

Do you believe that, when a little baby is born, the doctor takes their very best guess to determine if the baby is a boy or a girl, but, is sometimes wrong? That is exactly what the Comprehensive Sex Ed curricula FLASH, teaches children.

Chromosomes don’t matter; DNA doesn’t matter; the Human Genome doesn’t matter. Penises, testicles, vaginas and ovaries don’t matter. Doctors have no idea what sex a baby is until that baby decides to feel like a boy or a girl. There is no scientific backing for the idea that sex is in the mind.

Gender ideologists insist that their new idea of “gender” cancels out mere biology. If you feel like a boy, you are a boy and you are then in need of what is cynically called “gender confirmation surgery” — the slicing away of perfectly healthy sexual organs to be replaced with fake, largely inoperative fake organs –and the injection of cross-sex hormones.

The human sexes are known and scientifically provable: biological sex is observable, measurable, testable, repeatable and falsifiable. Gender, on the other hand, is a set of opinions, external and internal; some people believe only boys play with trucks and only girls like pink; some girls enjoy what society consider traditionally masculine activities. Does a girl liking trucks mean her chromosomes, DNA, genes and resulting sexual organs should be chopped out and her body flooded with 200 times the amount of testosterone than would ever occur in nature? It does if you are a gender radical, or you have fallen for the gas-lighting of gender radicals like Chris Reykdal, who compares people who believe in biological sex to flat Earthers and, in fact, refused to say that boys cannot become pregnant.

Do you want your children told they may be in the wrong body? Can you imagine what that would do to your state of mind? Gender dysphoria is very real and intensely painful and it is insane that people are determined to see more children suffer it.

These radical teachings are having an effect; they are confusing children at the most vulnerable time in terms of body development, puberty, as the image below indicates.

Think of this another way. Remove gender — which activists have added to the LGBQ continuum to confuse people into thinking that questioning this radical ideology is like hating gay people — and think about this scientifically. If your child came to you and said they had a brain tumor and needed brain surgery, would you go demand that they get it? Or, would you prefer a doctor first confirm they have a brain tumor?

If, after an MRI, the doctor could not find the tumor, but your child insisted it was there, would you demand the doctor do surgery? This is what happens with the modern, extreme, treatment of kids suffering gender dysphoria. Transgenderism cannot be falsified. There is no brain scan, no test, nothing; there is only a new, radical belief that saying you are the opposite sex means you are. 

Repugnant to psychiatric science

If your child still insisted they had a brain tumor, even though a doctor could not find one, would prefer surgery or, maybe some counseling to see if, before you let them have surgery, a therapist or psychiatrist might be able to help? What if it wasn’t a brain tumor. What if your child suffered from Body Integrity Disorder (BID)? That is a condition nearly identical to gender dysphoria.

People with BID believe they are disabled people born in the wrong — fully-abled — body. They often seek to have perfectly healthy body parts removed, most commonly the lower leg below the knee. If your child suffered that condition, would you demand their leg be chopped off or would you first want a therapist or psychiatrist to see if they could help? 

The facts about gender dysphoria in young people are indelibly clear: 80-95% of young people who get — or, in Reykdal’s world, are given gender dysphoria by being told they are in the wrong body — recover from it without surgery and hormones, and often without counseling. When they do get counseling it is just that: talking about why they feel that way. Gender radicals pretend talking about gender dysphoria is “dangerous” “‘conversion’ therapy.”

Is talking about another condition of the mind, say, generalized Body Dysmorphia, or Body Integrity Disorder, or depression, anxiety or a phobia “dangerous?” Of course not. Neither is talking about gender dysphoria. 

Suicides!? Aren’t kids suffering from gender dysphoria known to commit suicide if they are not immediately told they are the opposite sex and put on the track for hormones and surgeries? No. They are not. They hurt and they can be helped, like people with other conditions of the mind, without surgery.

Why would anyone teach kids to hate their bodies and to want them chopped apart before seeking help? Two words: money and power.

There is a huge amount of money to be made in the trans-ing of kids, from million dollar surgeries to people who will be dependent on cross-sex hormones and other drugs their entire lives to, believe it or not, “packers,” knitted, fake penises for girls in kindergarten. Planned Parenthood is in on it, the so-called “gender clinics” are in on it, Big Pharma, fresh off selling people into popping massive doses of opioids, is in on it.

Power: The radical left wants to build its ranks and trans-ing kids will get that done. That is why six  billionaire families are spending so aggressively to push transgenderism on a global scale. I am sure it’s completely incidental that they are deeply invested in Big Pharma and medical devices.

Why is Chris Reykdal pursuing the trans-ing of kids? Maybe you should ask him

How bad is this curricula? When the Bill was debated on the floor of the Washington State House on Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, TWV was forced to run a mature content warning. We are also warning you that, what you are about to read, below the TVW screen shot, is graphic, sexual language. Speaking briefly as the author: I hate writing this and I cannot inform you unless I use it.

TVW warning

It doesn’t stop here

In addition to the being repugnant to biology and psychiatry, Comprehensive Sex Education is repugnant to everything we know about children, adults, and healthy boundaries. Do you think it is a good idea for a non-family member adult to tell kindergarten children that girls — whatever that means in Reykdal’s universe — have an organ called a clitoris and it feels good to touch it? How about some adult, not in your family, teaching kindergarten boys it feels good to touch their penises? FLASH and the 3Rs emphasize this.

Do you want your children to consider it normal for some adult to tell them it feels good to masturbate? How about if an adult man were to gather the neighborhood boys and girls in a circle and commence explaining to the boys — whatever that means in Reykdal’s world — how they can sexually arouse girls. That is exactly what Abby and Sara, two young girls I interviewed, had to endure in sixth grade from their male teacher

Maybe it will get better as they age? Do you want teachers to tell kids in 7th grade that, if they are not ready for anal or vaginal sex, they might try oral? Or if they aren’t quite there mentally, that getting naked and hugging in the bath is a good way to experience intimacy? If you learned that your next door neighbor had suggested that your 7th grade kids give that a try, how would you react? Is this somehow better in a classroom setting? Do you want the natural barriers kids have in regard to talking about sex with strangers to be knocked down?

Jim Fuda, of Crime Stoppers Global Solutions, which works to fight sex trafficking of children, told me that destroying these barriers will make life easier for pimps and recruiters for sex traffickers. Are you at a loss as to why anyone would think it is all right for adult men to do that with kids not their own? Two words, money and power, override decency for too many people and organizations. 

Planned Parenthood gets 98% of its revenues from abortions and it has seen abortions go down and, with it, their future revenues. They are pushing Comprehensive SeXXX-Ed in Washington state — they call it “their bill.”Could they be doing that because they think kids will have more sex and girls –whatever that means — will want more abortions? If that is Planned Parenthood’s guess, they are right: Teaching kids they are sexual beings beginning in the youngest ages does lead to them to having more sex.

Democrats want power and Planned Parenthood is willing to buy it for them with massive donations and get out the vote operations.

Money and power. 

So … it’s Jay “Science Lover” Inslee’s move

Jay Inslee could stand for biology, psychiatry, and common, parental sense. He could announce he will veto the Comprehensive Sex-Ed Bill if it is shoved down the throats of kindergartners and their parents. But he won’t. Why? Two words. 

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If Jay Inslee really loves science, he can prove it right now