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Ross: Why do we all just accept Daylight Saving Time?

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With all that’s going on, the last thing any of us needs is unnecessary sleep deprivation — and yet here we are again, messing with the clocks for no logical reason.

Doctors say the time shift can lead to heart attacks, strokes, atrial fibrillation, and car accidents. And if doesn’t even save energy like it was supposed to.

Even believers in the Green New Deal – who instinctively love the idea of forced sacrifice – don’t care about it.

So why do we still do it?

Maybe to show that it’s possible for everyone to agree on something, even if it’s stupid?

Well heck, if we can discipline ourselves to do that, why can’t we all just agree to maintain a safe following distance? Or that today is actually Saturday? Or that Elizabeth Warren is still running?

No. Instead we all just agree to change the clocks, so Joe Biden gets even less sleep!

If Trump had ordered this, Adam Schiff would have called him “vindictive,” and CNN would’ve called in 15 guests to discuss it.

But Dave, how can you complain about losing an hour when we just got a bonus day last Saturday? Well, you have a point there. But it wasn’t really a bonus day, was it? I don’t know about your weekend, but my weekend was still only two days long.

The Establishment has done a lot of insidious things, but forcing us to all drive drunk to church is as low as it gets.

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