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Herman: You think the Satanists in Olympia are a joke? They don’t

The Capitol Building in Olympia. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

You can stop reading if you don’t believe evil exists. If you think Satan (the Devil or Beelzebub) is the fever-dream of tooth-fairy believing Christians, misled Muslims or myth believing Jewish people, this will probably not interest you in the least. If you believe in evil, and/or God, and you think evil seeks power, then you will want to read it.

Days after Democrats in Olympia shoved teaching masturbation down the throats of little kids, Satanists held a ceremony in Olympia, on the Capitol and in the Capital. These people are not joking; they worship a being that glorifies child sacrifice, defilement of the human body (Satan hates the human body, which Christians believe God crafted in the image of the Lord).

The being these people worship demands murder and torture, lies, violence and chaos on Earth then his complete, torturous control in Hell. Their ceremony is well-timed and their Facebook celebration of creepy Chris Reykdal’s seXXX-Ed Bill, and the curricula it demands, is terrific cross-marketing.

The Satanists know their political wedge issues and dishonest platitudes: “Satan was the first to demand ‘equal rights’” read one of their signs. In the Christian faith, Satan demanded to be recognized as the most beautiful of all God’s creations — Satan’s idea of equal rights is his supremacy — and that maps all too well to this week’s celebration of raw power and blatant arrogance by Creepy Chris Reykdal and the Democrats.

They demand the supremacy of a blatantly, grossly sexualized curricula over the expressed demands of parents: every hour, 5,000 phone calls hit the capital hotline, for every 5,000 against the Planned Parenthood / Chris Reykdal Bill there was one – one! — in support.

Equal rights to Democrats mean all parents have the equal right to be told to shut-up, pay their taxes and let their kids be taught they are neither male nor female, but, whatever their feelings and Big Pharma tells them they are; parents have the equal right to shut-up and sacrifice great portions of their paychecks so their kids can be taught there are no negative consequences to sexual blood play, use of pornography, multiple sex partners, or sex acts proven to be the most likely to cause physical injury and spread disease.

Equal rights, indeed.

Washington state has moved beyond any measure of reason. There is zero — and I mean no — scientific evidence for the propaganda being shoved into the seXXX-Ed Bill. I will debate anyone on that!

In Washington state, there is, though, an obvious alignment of sides: Standing against this act of evil, the protection instinct of the vast majority of parents (it would be bigger were the media not hiding the details), logic, public health, physical safety, mental health and the moralities and written teachings of three of the world’s dominant religious faiths.

On the other side, pushing to teach 12-year-old kids to use non-microwavable plastic wrap as a dental dam for oral sex: Satanists, Chris Reykdal, abortionists who now push cross-sex hormones given to kids against parental wishes and, of course, Washington state Democrats so sold-out to extremism they vetoed blocking the use of porn in the classroom.

We do not require a reason to pray; we do require prayer. Perhaps God may forgive those who know not what they do; may He forgive us for paying for it and may He protect the children by awakening more people to the reality that the forces of evil are not joking — nor are they a joke.

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