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Coronavirus and Dow Constantine: A serious condition meets a serious grifter

The Mayor of Kent announced Friday that someone suspected of having coronavirus walked out of the quarantine facility in Kent, stole some property from local stores, and got on a bus headed north. This is one-half Dow Constantine’s fault; he set up that facility without telling the Mayor, shoving it down on the people who live in Kent, a beautiful place, and he did it as part of a long-con. 

Kent Mayor says city was not consulted about coronavirus quarantine site

King County Executive Dow Constantine wants to clean up the only part of King County he considers valuable: Seattle. He is building the infrastructure to ship the human beings most addicted to drugs, most committed to refusing help so they can continue taking drugs and paying for them with property theft and sex trafficking to Kent, Renton, Highline, and other areas.

That’s why Constantine used the excuse of the virus to expedite the purchase of a dilapidated motel in Kent. That’s why there is a coronavirus quarantine facility being set up in Highline, against the wishes of citizens there and, again, without consulting anyone.

When the virus is no longer a concern, these buildings will be turned into one of two things: no-barrier drug camps for people addicted to drugs, or, government-funded heroin dens where people addicted to drugs will have taxpayer help shooting up. Neither will restore these people to health, both will degrade the quality of life in the attendant neighborhoods.

These buildings will not be in Seattle, they will be in outlying areas, because, Constantine, the functional boss of the new Regional Homlessness Authority, is going to clean up his town. Your town just doesn’t matter to him. 

What’s my suggestion? When people can no longer care for themselves, we must be willing to apply tough love: People can go to jail with no drugs, or, they can go to treatment and come down from drugs. If they keep choosing jail, they eventually get prison. The fact is, most will never see a prison cell.

When word gets out that the drug laws are enforced, the people who steadfastly refuse help will travel to Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Hawaii. After all, as evidenced by the man who raped the woman in the restroom of a car dealership, and the other who attempted to rape a woman in Sunshine Gardens’ restroom, dangerous felons who want to continue taking drugs have no problem coming to Dow Constantine’s utopia, even when that means leaving warmer climates.

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