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Ross: Is it time for all of us to start sewing masks?

The bid to ramp up production of protective masks ramps up worldwide. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

Like most of you, I am trying to follow all the rules, and not trying to over-think them.

I’m ignoring the President’s quirks, and even the sucking-up at the daily briefings; there will be plenty of time to vent about all that when everything snaps back to normal.

But here’s what I can’t help noticing:

Number one: We’re told you shouldn’t wear a mask unless you’re sick, because masks are designed to prevent a sick person from spreading the virus to a well person. OK.

But then number two: We’re told to assume we’re all sick even if we don’t feel sick, which is why we have to stay home.

But the masks prevent sick people from spreading the infection, so if there were enough masks, couldn’t those of us who can’t work from home and who feel fine go ahead and wear one, and with the proper precautions, safely return to work?

I realize there aren’t enough to do that right now. But I notice there are sewing circles starting to form.

So, what if we got Amazon to deliver real microfiber material to every American with a sewing machine so that Rosie the mask-maker – and Rosco the mask-maker (because it is 2020) – can make a gazillion re-usable masks and give us a fighting chance at averting what is starting to look like a catastrophic recession?

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