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Herman: ‘Shared sacrifice’ is the biggest lie Jay Inslee has ever told

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee.(Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

Speaking about the fight against COVID-19, Jay Inslee continues to pretend “we are all in this together.” Just like he lied about not raising taxes, and about a massive drought coming to Western Washington during his presidential campaign (which he forced taxpayers to help fund), Jay is lying about shared sacrifice.

It’s a brutal, cynical, mean hearted lie told to the face of people who have seen their careers, jobs, bank accounts and retirement accounts devastated. Since Jay Inslee has ordered some businesses closed — guns stores are closed, but pot stores are open — many companies have been destroyed, individual workers have been fired, and families face economic calamity.

Boeing is offering buy-outs, a step big companies often take before massive layoffs. Meanwhile, friends of Jay Inslee have lost no jobs and no income.

But, economic sacrifice is for the little people. Jay Inslee and friends of Jay Inslee are just fine, thanks for asking.

State workers have faced no cuts to their jobs, no cuts in pay, and their pensions continue to amass. Dentists and surgeons have been ordered to cancel elective procedures.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood, a friend of Jay Inslee and a special friend to his wife Trudi, enjoys unaltered status. It continues to roll in its revenues unopposed, it uses surgical masks and medical gear needed by lifesavers who fight coronavirus, and Planned Parenthood is still able to grow its new profit center of handing out cross-sex hormones to teenagers — often behind the backs of parents.

I used my radio show Friday morning to speak directly to Jay Inslee. He needs to stop lying to people during this pandemic. I took particular aim at the gift Jay Inslee just gave retired state workers while taxpayers are being financially snuffed-out.

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