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Herman: HELP! Jay Inslee may end my radio career

Jay Inslee loves having dictatorial powers. He hands out favors to abortionists and crushes dentists, ruins hair stylists and destroys electricians.

With a wave of a pen, he canceled worship services at churches, temples, mosques and synagogues (and said he decided to “not prohibit” you worshipping online!), but he made sure you can go buy pot to get good and stoned. Now, Inslee has a power even he may have never expected: Jay Inslee can end my radio career.

This is probably something Inslee may be burning to do, since I have painted him with his most-used nickname, “Sleepy Jay,” got his favored WSDOT boss, Lynn Pederson, fired and have broken the 100% unanimous media blockade in Washington state to reveal the perverse curricula demanded by the sex-ed Bill Jay signed into law during his government lockdown. I may need your help, if Inslee makes a move to end my career in radio.

On Thursday night, on Twitter, I responded to a tweet from Jay Inslee’s account with my own, reckless, ill-considered, risky offer that may end my career!

I woke up Friday morning in a sweat. No, I do not have coronavirus. I was utterly panicked! I just gave a dictatorial, statist, bully of a man, a politician both blind and deaf to the suffering of Washington state workers, the power to end my radio career forever. All he needs to do is display the data and/or “science” he used in the scenarios about which I tweeted. So, I clarified my offer to Jay Inslee on the air, in hopes that I will be at far lower risk of Inslee ending my career.

If that wasn’t risky enough, I also sent Jay Inslee a note on Facebook, which may open me up to being arrested! For those who don’t use Facebook, here it is.

“Hi, Jay Inslee

Thanks for lifting the #StayHomeStaySafe order. I mean, you didn’t actually say that, but, I can see that you lifted it. So, I went on a run in a state park to celebrate; do you like my weight-vest? How can I see that you have lifted your order, even if you didn’t say so, Jay?

– I saw some people walking into to buy pot to get stoned.
– Some other people were popping into a liquor store for booze.
– A bus rolled by me, filled with a bunch of people
– One of my listeners sent me a note about the ongoing building of the school in his neighborhood.
– There was a PSA stating that Planned Parenthood is open and ready to abortion babies and hand-out cross-sex hormones to 13-year-olds

Here’s how I know that means you have lifted the #StayHomeStaySafe order: you said, Jay, that “no one is above the law” and that you are making decisions for what will keep us all healthy, based upon “‘science’ and data.” There is no “science” or data–and there never will be any–that indicates:

– Buying pot in a store is safer than praying in a church, synagogue, mosque or temple.
– Purchasing booze in a liquor store is safer than buying guns in a gun shop
– People riding around in a bus together is safer than people sitting in a cafe’ together.
– Getting an abortion is safer than getting a biopsy (well, I mean, it’s not at all safe for the baby, Jay).

This clearly means you have lifted the #StayHomeStaySafe order or Bob Ferguson, Washington State Attorney General would be out warning and suing folks because, you said, Jay, that “no one is above the law.” Since there is no “science” or data that these activities are safer than the others, and, since no one is above the law, that clearly means you have lifted the #StayHomeStaySafe order.

It was a great run. The state parks are gorgeous places. While I am not a great trail runner, and I wore my heavier vest, I made pretty good time and never redlined on my heart-rate, which was the metabolic goal of my session.

Tomorrow, some friends and I are getting together to practice rope climbs at the park. I will let you know how it goes.

Have a good evening, Jay.”

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