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Kshama Sawant, Tax Amazon
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Rantz: Socialist Kshama Sawant pushes ‘militant’ takeover of Amazon

Kshama Sawant detailing her plan to tax Seattle's big businesses. (KIRO 7)

Socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant advocated for a militant mass movement to publicly take over Amazon in a weekend Tweet.

The Tweet comes after Sawant pushes to rally anti-Amazon councilmembers into a dubiously titled “Amazon tax” that targets hundreds of local businesses during an economic downturn. And it’s the latest escalation of dangerous rhetoric with a wink and a nod towards her violent Antifa base of support.

Kshama Sawant’s wants ‘militant’ Amazon takeover

It’s no secret that Sawant believes businesses should be publicly owned and operated by the workforce, even if the workforce has no business acumen. Sawant, who lacks business acumen, previously tried to rally workers to overthrow Boeing management and build buses. That didn’t work. So she’s sticking to her message, this time with a Seattle-based company.

But this tweet, a response to a troll account named “KarlMarxJunior,” is another step in her escalating fight with Amazon (related note: Sawant is an Amazon Prime member because even socialists enjoy free shipping on millions of items).

If she can’t destroy Amazon with her tax, then she’ll aim to destroy it with a “militant” takeover. It’s the move of a desperate ideologue running out of ways to try to hoodwink the council and constituency.

Militant mass movements have a tendency to strike frequently and represent the most extreme factions within the socialist and progressive movements, viewing democracy in the same vain as the Communists view it. Some militant mass movements promote violence.

Antifa, for example, use extreme measures including violence to forward a political cause. Often times, extremist activists justify violence for the greater good. Only, the greater good they promote is at-best subjective, at-worst legitimate fascism where political dissent is punished with a brick to the face.

Sawant’s escalating language

Sawant’s language towards her political opponents or targets have grown increasingly hostile and dehumanizing.

Jeff Bezos wants you to suffer. Support Amazon and you’re just a shill for the rich. Small business owner with property you rent out? You’re greedy. The only answer? Socialism. Please donate your dues and become a member of the cult of Socialist Alternative.

Sawant doesn’t have a significant Twitter history of calling for militant resistance, but she’s done it twice before. It’s noteworthy that, in the past, Sawant accompanies “militant” action with a note to be peaceful or non-violent.

When she protested against a travel ban by President Donald Trump, Sawant promoted “militant non-violent” action. Similarly, when protesting in favor of #NoBanNoWallNoRaids, Sawant called for “peaceful & militant mass resistance” against Trump.

In this latest instance, Sawant didn’t call for a non-violent or peaceful military mass movement. Why? You could offer a good faith argument that it was a slip-up.

But she could have very easily followed up with another tweet. She would have had more characters allotted to her socialist message to note that she’s not calling for violence. I asked her if she could explain the context of her message, but she didn’t respond when I submitted this blog post. If she does, you’ll find it below. And it’s worth noting, in her anti-Semitic defense of Hamas (a terrorist organization), she essentially justifies violence without explicitly condoning it.

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