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Ross: The world we return to will need to be a sanitary one

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The chairman of the Federal Reserve says the number one requirement for a full economic recovery is that Americans truly believe it’s safe to work and shop again.

But why would we emerge from two months of isolation only to re-inhabit business districts where restrooms are either inaccessible or feel like walk-in sewers?

The post-lockdown city needs to be a place where you can constantly sanitize.

That means every empty storefront – and there will be many – should be replaced by a spotless and touchless facility I’d call a Freedom Spa – not merely a restroom, but a place viruses go to die.

Freedom Spas would be spacious, spotless, and ruthlessly sanitized.

The smell of lemon rosemary disinfectant would be intense enough to create confidence and discourage dawdling.

All stalls would be private – the barbarism of unshielded urination would finally end.

And most importantly, the place would be supervised by a surly and judgmental uniformed attendant armed with an infrared thermometer and an unlimited supply of masks.

“But Dave, that sounds expensive!” you might say.

Really? Compared to what? Frankly, it should be funded by the defense department as a national security measure.

Otherwise, history will record that America was brought down because it couldn’t make a 63-cent face mask and forgot how to wash its hands.

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