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Ross: There’s nothing wrong with being sheep

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

It was another act of anti-mask defiance, and it happened at a Costco.

A shopper named Keith deliberately un-masked himself and was stopped by a Costco employee.

“I work for Costco and I’m asking this member to put on a mask because that is our company policy,” the employee stated.

“I’m not doing it, because I woke up in a free country,” Keith countered.

But so did the Costco employee, who politely exercised his right to take Keith’s cart.

Keith posted the video. But he got so many negative comments he posted another video to explain why he was a hero.

“I’ve got every [expletive] right to not wear a mask anywhere because this isn’t about wearing a mask, this is about control,” he proclaimed. “I’m not the [expletive] sheep, y’all are the [expletive] sheep, every single one of you.”

My message to Keith: I don’t care about your beef with Costco, but I am sick and tired of people like you beating up on sheep.

You assume sheep flock together because they’re dumb. They flock together to protect themselves from predators. I’m sure they’d carry Glocks if they had opposable thumbs, but we make do with what God gives us.

And speaking of God, guess what animal the Bible compares the chosen people to? So lay off the sheep!

Plus you shop at Costco! That doesn’t make you Patrick Henry. Costco should be the one place where the sheep can safely graze … at least once they bring the free samples back.

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