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Holiday weekend, in this together
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Ross: Holiday weekend marked end of being ‘in this together’

Cocoa Beach in Florida over Memorial Day weekend. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel via AP)

Based on what I heard over the long weekend, the buffer zone is in trouble. That includes Daytona Beach, where large crowds shut down traffic, and the Lake of the Ozarks, where swarms of people swam together for hours.

Suddenly the idea that “we’re in this together” has a very different meaning.

It’s human nature – you can’t be at DEFCON 1 forever, especially when the danger is invisible.

Maybe people know a relative who had COVID-19 and did just fine, or they went to a party unmasked and it’s been two weeks and nothing happened, or they just decided the risk was worth it.

The point is, the government can’t guarantee your safety – if it ever could. It’ll be up to us.

It would be helpful to know exactly when to be on guard and when to relax. If only there was a harmless chemical that would make everybody’s breath turn pink so you could actually see whether it truly drops to the ground after six feet.

Too bad there’s no such thing.

But you know what you can do instead? Just imagine everyone’s vaping. Just imagine those puffs emanating from mouths and nostrils.

Which tells me the solution here is to have two masks – one for you, and one for your invisibly vaping co-worker.

That should go over well!

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