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Trump, Republican National Convention
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Ross: The real risk of holding the GOP convention in North Carolina

Then-candidate Trump speaking at the 2016 Republican National Convention. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The president wants the governor of North Carolina to guarantee that the Republican National Convention will have permission to assemble in person in Charlotte in August in front of a big audience.

“We have to know that when the people come down the doors open,” President Trump said recently.

I do not understand why the governor of North Carolina hasn’t given that guarantee, but the president suspects it’s because the governor is a Democrat.

“And a lot of the Democrats for political reasons don’t want to open up their states,” Trump opined.

But wait a second. If it’s political and the governor is anti-Trump, wouldn’t that be a reason to call his bluff, and to go ahead and give him the green light?

Because one of two things will happen: Everybody will mask-up for their own safety and suddenly you see all these Republicans looking like Joe Biden, or they’ll flout the rules and end up in the hospital.

And if the governor’s reluctance is because he sincerely wants to protect the people who attend, then he has to ask himself: Would this President really risk sending thousands of his most loyal supporters to the ICU in the final months of the campaign?

If that happened, every American would stay 10 feet away from anybody in a red hat.

No, I think there’s only one risk here, and that is the risk of hosting the safest political convention ever held.

Of course I’m only a commentator, and I understand we can occasionally be wrong.

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