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Dori confronts Tim Eyman over callous analogy

Police officers behind a barricade watch as protesters fill the street in front of Seattle City Hall on Wednesday, June 3. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Dori and Tim Eyman had a bit of an argument after the gubernatorial candidate made what Dori found to be a heartless and stupid analogy between the recent George Floyd tragedy and Washington state. Eyman joined the show to discuss what prompted the comments. Dori asked, right off the bat, if Eyman had gone insane.

“I think there’s not enough attention being paid to the people that are really suffering here in the state of Washington,” Eyman said. “Well over a 1,000,000 people fired by Jay Inslee, just all declared nonessential.”

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While Dori hasn’t agreed with Inslee’s handling of the lockdown, and found much of the economic shutdown contrived, he believes Eyman’s comments lack decency and are tone deaf to the pulse of the nation.

“You’re perfectly free to have that opinion,” Eyman responded. “But if you heard the same stories I hear day in and day out about suicide, about people that are actually not getting medical attention because Jay Inslee said that entire swaths of our populace were non-essential … .”

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Listen to the rest of the argument here.

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