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Talk Less, Read More: A book club featuring “So You Want To Talk About Race,” by Seattle writer Ijeoma Oluo

Registration is closed. If you’re interested in attending today’s book club please email the KIRO Radio front desk at [email protected] prior to 4pm PST today.

Between the death of Minneapolis’ George Floyd, and protests erupting in all 50 states, you may be feeling outrage, anger, sadness and exhaustion. You want to take action, to be an ally, and educate yourself about the injustice and inequality black people in this country have waded through for the past 400 years.

And that’s great! But there’s one thing you need to know: now is not the time for white people to be asking their black friends for that education. It’s our job to do the work. Fortunately for us, black authors have already written books on this very topic. So we’re inviting you to join our community book club: Talk Less, Read More, based on the idea that now is a time to talk less and listen and learn more. We’ll be reading, “So You Want To Talk About Race,” a New York Times best selling book by Seattle writer Ijeoma Oluo. It’s an easy-to-read primer for those of us just getting started. We’ll give you some time to get the book and read a few chapters, and then we’ll all meet on Zoom for a conversation.

The mission of the book club is to motivate each other to learn more about history and the black experience, to better understand racism and recognize our own privilege. It’s an opportunity to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable, to be vulnerable and humble as we discuss the book together. To clarify, this will not be a debate. It is not a forum to argue about whether the protests or the police are right or wrong. It’s an invitation to have a healthy, respectful dialogue about the book. And we’ll be learning right along with you. Please join us. Let’s do the work.

Please register below to receive the Zoom invite to the book club conversation & other useful information like discussion questions.

Week two: Tuesday, July 14th (note registration will end at 12 Noon on July 14th)
Time: 7pm PST

Get the book:

Black owned independent book stores
Listen free from Seattle Public Library
Listen for free with a 30 day trial at
Listen for free with a 30 day trial at Audible

Looking forward to our conversation!

Your hosts, Rachel Belle and Danny O’Neil

Missed week one? Find the video of the first discussion here.

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