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Unmasking ‘shy Trump voters’

President Trump. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

A little noted detail in a new national poll raises questions on its report of a solid, steady Biden lead.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll also asked respondents about social distancing and 85% claimed they regularly wear masks outside the home, with two thirds saying they ALWAYS did. Only 15% admitted seldom masking themselves, but anyone noting real-world habits of neighbors and strangers knows mask-wearing isn’t really that universal.

The left’s fanatical substitute for faith

Yes, many respondents must be fibbing – telling pollsters what they think they want to hear. Similarly, some voters no doubt feel reluctant to inform representatives of big media companies that they’re planning to vote for the president.

Last time, this phenomenon of “shy Trump voters” contributed to notorious polling errors. That pattern may or may not repeat itself, but it’s possible that many voters again prefer to mask – you should pardon the expression – an inclination to vote for Donald Trump.

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