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Ross: Trump threats over polls hint at future election problems

President Trump. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The latest CNN poll shows Joe Biden leading Donald Trump 55% to 41%. And I’ll admit, I didn’t pay much attention to it because, well, it’s June.

But then I saw that the Trump campaign is suing CNN, demanding that it retract the poll and apologize.

The letter from the campaign also put CNN “on notice” that it should preserve documents related to the production of the poll, which implies that there was some kind of manipulation going on.

You have to admit, for the President to be behind 55-41 at a time when the economy is roaring back, and peaceful people are filling the streets does seem strange.

But what worries me most is that if the President is already calling polls unfair and filing lawsuits, it means he’s getting ready to challenge the integrity of the election. That could be poisonous to democracy.

So my idea is to let the President call them back.

CNN’s poll was based on calls to 1,259 scientifically selected voters. It was done just last week, so the numbers should still be in the recent calls on the CNN smartphone – let the President call them back himself and try to convince the Biden voters to change their mind.

Just so he can see that everything’s on the up and up, because otherwise, should he lose, we’ll face more accusations about fraudulent polls, rigged voting, and deep state conspiracies, and I just feel we have enough simultaneous crises without adding another one.

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