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Fireboat for sale: Own a piece of Seattle history

You could own this 123 foot piece of Seattle history for $56,000. (Photo:

She’s 86 years old, but the owners say Seattle’s third fireboat is in prime condition. The Alki just needs a new home.

Built in Oakland in 1927, the Alki was hailed as the “The world’s largest fireboat” and “The most powerful firefighting vessel of its kind,” according to the owners. The boat boasts two GM 500 HP diesel engines that replaced the gas powered engines in 1947.

So why would someone get rid of a piece of Seattle history that’s capable of pumping out over 16,000 gallons of water per minute?

The owner, Craig Mullen, told The Seattle Times he just can’t afford to hang on to the Alki. The Times reports Mullen bought the vessel three months ago from the Port of Skagit for $10,000. He’s the fourth owner of the Alki since the city of Seattle sold it in September, 2013 for $25,000, according to The Times.

What do you do with a 123 foot fireboat? Mullen’s website has a few suggestions: wedding venue, tour boat, museum, theme restaurant, and refueling or fishing vessel. The Alki can hold 8,290 gallons of fuel and is equipped with a transfer system, according to the website.

Besides nostalgia, you’ll need $56,000 to buy the Alki.

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