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What to expect as the new normal: businesses reopen

SPONSORED — As the stay at home order is lifted and the Greater Seattle area slowly eases back into reopening, one can’t help but wonder how things will look after the global pandemic. With the introduction of practicing safe social distancing and reinforcing vigilant cleanliness, businesses are creating new ways for their customers to stay safe and feel comfortable.

Dining Out: Restaurants

A typical night on the town consisted of dining out and trying the newest hot spot to eat with friends and family. As restaurants gradually reopen, a new set of safety precautions are taken into measure.

“Throughout all the facets of the dining experience, technology is poised to have the biggest effect. Several restaurants plan to only take [online] reservations in the beginning — no walk-ins allowed…”

CNN discusses the use of technology within the restaurant industry will allow for smaller crowds to dine in and push guests to hop online first instead of walk-in visits.

Hitting the Gym

With gyms opening back up, sanitation standards have been reviewed and renovated with their members’ well-being in mind. PRO Club health club in Bellevue has made elevated cleanliness standards a mission for decades. Owned and operated by a cardiovascular surgeon, PRO Club strives for surgical clean. From sanitation protocols, cutting-edge disinfectant equipment and a proactive facilities operation team, PRO Club has elevated health club cleanliness.

“The health and welfare of our members is of paramount importance. We go the extra mile to ensure our members enjoy the absolute highest degree of cleanliness whether it be in the gym, in the pool, or in the childcare centers. We’ve been deep cleaning before deep cleaning became a thing,” states President and UW Hall of Fame tennis player, Dick Knight.

The health club has added a state-the-art air purification system and a medical grade sterilization robot to their cleaning belt. If that isn’t enough, all equipment is dressed in white material to reflect the cleanliness of the club and each pool is equipped with a triple pool filtration system for members. Backing up the sanitation system in place, the PRO Club staff works to keep the health club in top shape by deep cleaning the entire club and locker room top to bottom before locking up for the night.

To learn more about the safety precautions PRO Club has implemented or for more information regarding COVID-19 updates

Working from Home

The era of working from home has exponentially boomed over the last three months as companies care for their employees’ health by keeping them at home. Even after the shelter-in-place orders have been lifted around the country, companies are looking to keep up the remote working conditions.
“Facebook said… that it would eventually begin allowing most of its employees to request a permanent change in their jobs to let them work remotely. The company will begin today by making most of its US job openings eligible for remote hires and begin taking applications for permanent remote work among its workforce later this year.”

The Verge looks into the tech giant’s online shift and the potential new normal for corporate America.

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