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Draze on the Todd Herman Show: ‘Draze, I have never heard whiteness explained that way; you broke my heart’


Draze is a musician, producer, father, believer and host of Building Black Wealth, a Facebook Live Event on Laila Ali’s Facebook Page, on Friday, June 19. He joined the Todd Herman Show on Thursday.

Draze talked about what white people should understand about “whiteness.” Todd Herman has been a harsh critic of the theory of “whiteness,” when explained as a disease white people have and cannot be without. Hearing Draze’s explanation of “whiteness” left Herman with a broken heart, with an explanation of that word that wasn’t accusatory and didn’t wrongly accuse all white people of being racist.

You can hear the whole, brutally honest discussion here and learn about how Draze helps black people — including childhood entrepreneurs — build wealth.

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