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To all the dads on Father’s Day

There’s nothing we can really say here to capture the appreciation we have for all of the fathers today, but we’ll give it a try.

Please know that we’re thinking of all the tough work dads do to keep their families happy and safe. Cheers to you, dad, who spent his spare time teaching his kids this spring, working by day, and landscaping and fixing cars by weekend.

To the dad who is a doctor, medic, or firefighter.

To the dad who is doing this all over again as a grandfather.

To the dad who worked hard to motivate 120 high school students.

To the single dad who is doing this all alone.

To the dad who is watching his own kids plus his sister’s kids.

To the newly unemployed worried dad with the newly unemployed wife.

To the entrepreneur dad worried about his business.

To the dad who’s experienced loss, but still badly wants to be a dad.

To the empty-nester dad whose kids just moved back home.

To the dad who did so much school work, but didn’t get to see his kid walk across the graduation stage this year.

To the dad trying to plan a birthday party.

To the dad with sons and daughters overseas.

To the baseball, soccer, football, hockey, gymnastics (and more) dads.

To the dads who are mourning the loss of a child. Once a dad, always a dad. Special love to you today.

There’s so much work and sacrifice dads make just for one smile. Listing it all here is impossible, but know that we see you. And we appreciate you.

Happy Father’s Day! We love you!

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