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Gas leak Puyallup
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Downtown Puyallup all clear after being evacuated for ‘major’ gas leak

Responders looking to contain a gas leak in downtown Puyallup. (Puyallup Police, Twitter)

The gas leak in Puyallup is now clear. Those who had evacuated their home or business can return, and those who were sheltering in place may leave. Crews are continuing to repair damage, so be aware of possible road closures downtown.

Much of the power has been restored in the downtown area, however there may still be areas without power. Crews are turning it back on as it becomes safe to do so.


Parts of downtown Puyallup had been ordered to either evacuate or shelter-in-place Tuesday morning, after what the city described as a “major gas leak.”

Puyallup Police first reported the leak shortly after 5:30 a.m., after a construction crew hit a gas line. That led to a “several block area” near Pioneer and Meridian shutting down all roads for traffic. Shortly after that, all roads in the downtown area were closed to both vehicles and pedestrians.

After 6 a.m., Puget Sound Energy shut down power in the downtown area “as a precaution.”

As of 7:30 a.m. there was still an odor of natural gas in the air, with the gas leak still occurring. PSE and Central Pierce Fire crews have been on the scene trying to contain it.

Close to 8 a.m., Puyallup Police provided details for residents and workers in the area being instructed to evacuate. An even larger ring of residents have been instructed to shelter in place indoors, with all doors and windows closed until the all clear is given.

Teams were seen going building by building to check gas levels around 12 p.m.

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