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Seattle protest
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Seattle protesters march through downtown, block Mercer intersection

Protesters in Seattle on Monday. (SDOT)

Seattle protesters marched through downtown Monday evening, and blocked the intersection of Mercer Street and Fairview Avenue North.

Roughly 200 demonstrators were in attendance, flanked by vehicles parked horizontally in the Mercer/Fairview intersection, and surrounded by cyclists. SDOT closed the north and southbound exits of I-5 to Mercer Street as a safety precaution.

Protesters left the area shortly after 6 p.m. All exits and roadways have now been subsequently reopened.

Trooper Rick Johnson tweeted that no arrests had been made as no one had entered the freeway.

This comes in the wake of an incident over the weekend, which saw a man hit two demonstrators with his car, killing one, during a protest blocking I-5 through Seattle.

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