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Roger Stone, Congress
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Ross: Roger Stone reminds us of the need for social media distancing

Roger Stone. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Presidential friend Roger Stone has been sprung from jail by a presidential commutation. I know I should be outraged by this, but having lived through the outright pardon of Richard Nixon, a mere commutation does not frizz my beard.

Yes, it is weird coming from a “law and order” president. And yes, we’re talking about someone who e-mailed a witness telling him to “prepare to die,” and who lied to Congress to hide his role as a conduit for Russian hackers.

And even though the felony remains on his record so he can’t vote or buy a gun, he’ll probably have no trouble finding work, being that as a political consultant, a felony can be a resume point.

And yet – everything Roger Stone did was about what? Creating wild Facebook posts, posting phony rumors, and stirring up fake outrage: Basically, what you might call digital COVID.

We can control this! We are free to distance ourselves from it!

You can’t rely on Facebook to keep its mask on. So the moment one of these things pops up and you start losing my sense of taste I move six feet away – especially if it’s been sent by an infected family member.

I call it social media distancing, and it works very well. But you can’t let your guard down, because the President has made it pretty clear there’s not going to be a vaccine anytime soon.

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