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Your car care has never been more important

Cheerful young traditional family has a long auto journey and singing aloud the favorite song together. Safety riding car concept wide angle inside car view image.

SPONSORED — As the year continues to fly by with health safety as the biggest concern, many look for a way to make the most of their time with friends and family. Traveling on mass transit has left people feeling high strung and opting in for road trips through the countryside, driving out to see their loved ones, or even personally dropping your children off as they head back to school. Buckling up in your personal vehicle has become the safest alternative for getting away and even everyday travel.

Hitting the Road

With the shift of social distancing, airlines have tried to rework their traditional procedures with the new health regulations to promote safe traveling during this pandemic. However, since the outbreak back in March, airline companies have seen a recent increase in ticket sales. Forbes reports that at the height of travel months, both American and United airlines have decided to book flights to full capacity to keep up with the recent demand. Though masks are highly recommended to wear upon travel, there is only so much one can do to feel safe on a long plane ride to their final destination. Thus, taking the road less traveled this fall by car is the safest and most beneficial option. Whether it be trekking through the country’s scenic views or venturing to visit with family and friends, jumping in the car this fall for an adventure is worthwhile. There is so much to see in Washington State alone and now is the time to experience it. contains a map full of offbeat attractions complete with tips and historic facts for any wandering traveler to check out. From the Hat ‘n’ Boots statue right here in Seattle to the Giant British Phone Booth in Spokane; take the time to check out these famed, quirky pit stops along your trip.

Back to School

As the fall semester quickly approaches, parents everywhere begin running through and checking off each school supply their child needs. Many forget however to make transportation safety apart of their back-to-school shopping list. Whether the school route takes you down the street or is a long trek from home, make sure your family can safely get from point A to point B. Stop and go morning traffic or slowly rolling through school zones; make sure your brake system gets the attention it needs. Point S Tire and their highly-trained team of mechanics can diagnose any issue within your brake system. Have them stop the squeak your brake pads ease out every time you tap the brake and let them help you get your family back on the road as soon as possible.

Souped Up

Safety is everything especially on the road. Washington’s constant fall drizzle leaves the roads wet and slick, pushing your vehicle’s tires to the test. Why put your well-being on the line when you can opt into a perfect set of tires fit for the terrain change. With a large selection of tires to choose from, Point S Tire can narrow down the right fit and brand for your car without leaving a hole in your pocket. Avoid the unknown during your long journey or even day-to-day travel by taking your car into Point S Tire and Auto Services for one final check through. Point S Tire offers everything your car needs before tacking on the mileage. With their experienced team’s professional help, Point S has your vehicle’s safety covered. To keep their community feeling secure, Point S ensures their clients they go the extra mile to make health safety a priority by following CDC guidelines when servicing their cars’ needs.

Keep your mind at ease and schedule your car service today. There is no stress with Point S.

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