Letters to the editor: A voice for blue collar workers and no comments

Aug 24, 2020, 1:51 PM | Updated: Aug 25, 2020, 3:43 pm

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Democratic Party

The lack of leadership in the Democratic Party in regard to all the rioting has convinced me NOT to VOTE for Democrats in the up coming elections. The Party has lost its way.

It is so wrong that the Democrats are backing the lawless ANTIFA movement. Their disdain for the police departments just because they think it looks good shows how pathetic the Democratic Party has become.

John Staffanson


So unbelievably cowardly to disable comments, and so typical of the passive/aggressive Seattle mindset. Why are you so afraid of speech??? Disparate opinions define America, they challenge us to THINK, instead of just follow. 75% of my joy in mynw was reading what my fellow Washingtonians thought and felt about the issues raised, and yes, sometimes engaging in debate. You keep your head in the sand mynw, I’m done with you.

Anthony Brown

Blue Collar Workers

Why does the news discriminate against blue collar workers? Traffic reporters warn of traffic “on the way to the office.” The weather can be bad for those “on their way to the office.” Sports is talked about “at the office.”

Most people do not work in an office. I imagine this phrase is used because news staff go to the office and find this as the norm. That is their worldview. Do machinists “go to the office?” Do plumbers “go to the office?” Do construction workers “go to the office?”

If bias seen through the prism of the newsroom can insult blue collar workers and all those who don’t have an office, what else are they seeing through their prism?

Tony H

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MyNorthwest Staff

MyNorthwest removes commenting on its websites

Bonneville Seattle has decided to turn off comments on both MyNorthwest and 710Sports. This was not a decision the company took lightly.

4 years ago

Letters to the editor: A voice for blue collar workers and no comments