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Issaquah High School seniors start nonprofit to give food to first responders

Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. (KIRO 7)

Tommy and Cody are seniors at Issaquah High School, and over this past summer they decided to step up and start a nonprofit charity to provide food to first responders in the area. They just delivered the first 50 boxed lunches to Swedish Hospital in Edmonds, and they want to do plenty more. The two joined the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH to discuss the project.

“Over the summer, I was just an average teenager doing nothing really productive with my life. With coronavirus, people around me started to get affected. People were dying, losing jobs, and businesses were being ruined. And through social media and news outlets, I saw first responders and health care workers selflessly responding to this pandemic,” Tommy said.

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“The sacrifice and commitment really inspired me to do something. So I partnered with Cody and made Food for Heroes Seattle. We wanted to support local businesses while showing gratitude for health care workers and first responders at the same time.”

After people donate money, how does the project work?

“All of our proceeds go toward producing meals from local restaurants in the Seattle area, and with those meals, we take them to either hospitals, fire stations and other first responders to give them delicious hot meals to show the community’s gratitude for everything they do, especially during this pandemic,” Tommy said.

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“My grandpa is a business owner in Chinatown, so he is very connected with the community. He knows which restaurants have been hit the hardest. And so he actually referred me to our first restaurant, Phnom Penh in Chinatown,” Cody added.

At the moment, the two have raised upwards of $1,600, which far outpaced the amount they thought they would get.

“Our initial goal was only $500, but the support has been incredible. Initially it has been family and friends but we have been hanging fliers around wherever we go.”

One question Jason had to jokingly ask: “You promise me that none of these donations are going to Xbox games, correct?”

“No sir,” Cody said, laughing.

To donate, head to

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