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11 Good Deeds for 9/11 Day of Service

SPONSORED — September 11th, 2001 is a day we as a nation vowed to never forget. With each passing year, the memories of this tragic day still stay fresh in our thoughts. This year, when the world, once again, seems to offer a new measure of hardship, let’s band together to spread positivity and perform good deeds in honor of those who were lost 19 years ago.

Say thank you to a frontline worker or first responder: Our frontline workers and first responders have once again, in 2020, been asked to protect and serve our community at extraordinary levels. From the doctors and nurses who have cared for the ill of COVID-19 to the firefighters who are actively extinguishing the wildfires across the country, we are all thankful for our community heroes. To express your gratitude for our first responders, you can go online to Frontline Foods and donate to help feed our local heroes. Or perhaps you know of thoughtful ways to thank a first responder in your neighborhood.

Donate to a food bank: Everyone has fallen upon hard times in their life and can always use a helping hand to get them through the dark time. Northwest Harvest is a statewide food bank in Washington that works hard to supply those hungry with healthy and nutritious options. With over 375 food banks accessible to the community, you can help Northwest Harvest feed the hungry by donating canned foods or making a monetary donation online.

Diversify your children’s books: Our children are always watching and mimicking us. We have the power to teach them to reach for the stars and spread kindness to all. Make an impression now by diversifying their reading list and text “diversity” to 39015 for curated children’s books on diversity.

Sign up to be a poll worker: Take the time and sign up as a volunteer on voting day. By lending a hand at your local polling place, you are promoting a safe space for a fair election within your community.

Request an absentee ballot: Be the change in the world that you want to see by taking part and voting within the election. By casting your vote you are able to voice your opinion and make an impact in your community. Head to now to sign up for a mail-in ballot before November 3rd.

Share your personal mental health story: We are all in this together as we continue to shift into the new everyday normal. Staying home and taking extra precaution to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 has been a mental challenge for all. Share your experience by hopping on Twitter and using the hashtag #howareyoureallychallenge to let others know they are not alone at this time.

Support suicide prevention: Make an impact by being a voice for those who have lost hope. Tell your local Congress to support a national three digit (988) suicide hotline. Emailing your US Representative is the first step in spreading awareness and saving someone’s life. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention helps direct you to the correct contact to help fight for those in need of emotional support.

Donate plasma to save lives: For those whose immune systems were strong enough to fight off the virus, you have the capability to help others fight too. With the antibodies within your plasma, your donation can help with the potential new developments of therapies and treatments for COVID-19 patients. Click here to find a donor center near you.

Register for a service project on JustServe is a volunteer opportunity hub for people in search of a chance to serve their community. The online service helps connect all wishful volunteers and service organizations looking to benefit their local area. To sign up or learn more about volunteer opportunities within your neighborhood head to

Donate to a wildfire relief fund: Wildfires have engulfed the North-Central part of Washington State, pushing citizens out of their homes and putting firefighters’ lives on the line. Washington State Combined Fund Drive has launched a Wildfire Relief Campaign. They are collecting monetary donations that are spread evenly amongst service organizations that aid the communities directly affected by the fires. A few of the charities they work with are American Red Cross of Apple Valley, Serve Wenatchee Valley and many more.

Donate to 9/11 day fund: The National Day of Service and Remembrance was created to reflect on the individuals who lost their lives or were injured in the attack, first responders, and those who have since stood up to defend our freedom. The 9/11 Day Foundation is working to turn a memory full of sorrow and mourning into a day to influence our society to act upon good deeds. To learn more about the 9/11 Day or to donate toward the project, please head to

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