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Richard Sherman talks trash about cancer in new video

Richard Sherman is talking trash again, and his latest target could be his toughest yet.

Sherman has signed on as a spokesman for the Swedish Cancer Institute, reprising his famous post-NFC championship rant to spread the word in a video posted to YouTube about Swedish’s new Personalized Medicine Program and public awareness campaign. The program combines advanced medical treatment based on the unique, molecular signature of a patient’s cancer with individualized care designed to serve each patient’s physical and emotional health.

“Hey, cancer! You want to know what happens when the Swedish Cancer Institute comes after you? Game!” Sherman says in the 30-second video. “Swedish Cancer Institute is the best in the game, and when you try with some weak cancer cells like that, that’s the result. They can intercept the genetic profile of a cancer cell and then prescribe the personalized therapy. That’s not mediocre. That’s extraordinary.”

With the new program, scientists are able to better target treatments for better outcomes rather than just going after the disease based on its location in the body.

“When I was asked to support the Swedish Cancer Institute’s Personalized Medicine Program, I realized I had a new opportunity to continue my passion for supporting the Seattle community,” said Sherman, who was recently named one of the 2014’s 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME, in a statement. “I’m honored to be a part of the innovative work the Swedish Cancer Institute is doing on behalf of patients and families across our region.”

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