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Ross: Debate gave voters choice between dueling national attitudes

President Trump and Joe Biden squaring off in the first presidential debate. (Getty Images)

For all the talk that Joe Biden would have to be prompted by a hidden earpiece, or fall asleep mid-sentence, or forget where he was – he sure managed to rile up the president in Tuesday night’s debut debate, didn’t he?

He accomplished that goal to the point that it was Trump who forgot that he’d agreed to this format.

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If that’s how President Trump handles a public debate, you can see why so many people who disagreed with him in private decided to quit and write books. If you disagree with him, unless there’s a Fox moderator in the room, you’re done.

But there are people who want that in a president. After the debate, this supporter called up CSPAN:

“I wish the president may have kept a little more quiet, but that is the way our president is and I enjoy that about him,” the supporter said.

His approach is “do it my way, or you’re fired.” Control your city, or I’ll send in the troops. Open your schools, or I’ll cut aid. You look at that and you say, “that’s the guy who can stop the looters.”

Whereas Joe Biden – yes, he condemned looting, he rejected defunding the police, but he wouldn’t send in the troops – he would hold a conference with everyone involved and come to an agreement; maybe even shake hands – once it’s safe.

That would require a patient nation where people trust each other. And that’s the choice here: I see us choosing not just a leader, but a national attitude.

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