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Putting Trump’s diagnosis into perspective

Taken from Friday’s edition of the Michael Medved Show on KTTH. Edited for clarity.

Chances are overwhelming that President Trump will recover from COVID-19.

CNN National Security Analyst and former Obama official Samantha Vinograd said on Friday morning, “I said hours ago that this was a code red moment for the U.S. government before we even had these diagnoses from FLOTUS and POTUS. At this point, knowing that the president is sick and the pandemic is affecting personnel in the White House, this may be the most dangerous moment that the U.S. government has ever faced.”

It’s overstated.

How about that moment back in 1814 when they had to flee the White House because the British came into Washington to burn down the executive mansion? They were trying to set fire to the Capitol building, but then they decided that wasn’t worth it.

They basically had taken over the nation’s capital. That seems like a more dangerous moment.

Dolly Madison, the wife of former President of the United States James Madison, was given a lot of credit for rescuing a portrait of George Washington before they burned down the White House. That seems a little more dangerous.

I think that Sept. 11 was a little bit more dangerous because they do think that the plane that went down in Shanksville, Penn. – United Flight 93 – was headed either for the Capitol building or the White House.

This is not the most serious illness. We had a president in 1894 – Grover Cleveland – who had a completely secret major cancer operation on board a yacht to keep it secret.

Taken from Friday’s edition of the Michael Medved Show on KTTH. Edited for clarity.

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