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Stalker Farms drive-through haunted house
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A peek inside Washington’s only drive-through haunted house

Stalker Farms is Washington's only drive-through haunted house. (Stalker Farms, Facebook)

You may not be able to walk through a haunted house during the ongoing pandemic this Halloween season, but thanks to Snohomish County’s Stalker Farms, you can at least drive through one.

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The farm typically sells pumpkins, featuring a host of activities for families, including a climbing wall, a corn maze, and more. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis this year, it got creative for its haunted house with a 40-minute drive-through experience.

That includes a series of unique scenes, featuring “strobes, fog, lights, loud noises, and some very energetic people doing what they love to do in October.”

“It’s really a bunch of chainsaw-wielding hillbillies and demonic clowns competing for your affection, and making sure you have a good time as you drive through the property,” the farm’s owner Keith Stocker told KIRO Radio.

Drivers are guided through the haunt with their lights off and windows up — and, wheels chocked — for safety.

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“We have you pull your vehicle into a space, we park you, we chock your wheels, we jump out and have our fun, and then we pull the wheel chocks and move you to a new scene,” Stocker described.

Stocker says the experience is currently the only drive-through haunted house in Washington, as the nation enters into its first holiday season while dealing with the COVID pandemic.

“We’re calling ourselves the safest way to get scared in the Pacific Northwest,” he said.

Tickets to the drive-through haunted house are already sold out, but there are still some available for the farm’s corn maze here.

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