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Ross: The second most important race of the election

Democratic challenger Amy McGrath (left) during a debate with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (right) on Oct. 12, 2020, in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Michael Clubb-Pool/Getty Images)

It’s the SECOND most important race … and it’s in Kentucky.

“Folks, we cannot change Washington until we change the people we send there,” McGrath said.

Retired Marine Amy McGrath vs. Mitch McConnell. She says he’ll take away Kentucky’s health care, he’s neglected the state’s opioid crisis –– but his reply is simple:

“I allow Kentucky to punch above its weight,” McConnell said.

He has clout!

“Over the last term, $17.5 billion for the commonwealth that would not have been there had I not been the majority leader of the Senate,” he said.

“Here in Kentucky, we feel like we’ve been sucker punched,” McGrath said. “The highest cancer rates in the country, highest rates of diabetes, highest rates of heart disease, some of the lowest wages in the country …”

Plus, she said McConnell’s been there 36 years, and that’s enough:

“How’s that workin’ out for you right now?”

But he dismissed it all … with this:

“Her first vote of the Senate will be to make Chuck Schumer from New York Majority leader of the Senate, changing the rules of the Senate to make it easier for liberals to win.”

And he says those liberals won’t just pack the Supreme Court, they will pack the Senate itself by making D.C. a state, and Puerto Rico a state.

“That’s four new liberal, Democratic senators in perpetuity.”

Where most candidates will voters “it’s not about me,” Mitch McConnell is telling Kentucky “it’s ALL about me” – and that Kentucky had better understand that.

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