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Who will listen to the voters that approved $30 car tabs?


Initiative 976, maybe better known as the $30 car tabs measure, was struck down Thursday by the Washington Supreme Court.

Every host on KIRO Radio weighed in. Here are some of the highlights.

To the question Dave Ross’s posed, “Is there anything the Legislature can do?”, reporter Hanna Scott answered, “They could change the valuation system to what was originally asked … closer to Kelley Blue Book, basically.”

Traffic Reporter Chris Sullivan said, “It’ll also take some intestinal fortitude and actual leadership out of the governor’s office to basically do what Governor Locke did, back in the day, call the Legislature back and say listen, we know it’s terrible, the [State] Supreme Court did this, but this is what the voters wanted and let’s make it happen.”

Ursula Reutin admitted to voting against I-976, but “because it has been approved by voters, I think this is outrageous.”

Gee Scott said, “I apologize for my emotions, but sometimes you’ve got to put your foot down and say enough is enough, and I’m sick and tired of the people not being listened to.”

John Curley asked, “So, Mr. [Bob] Ferguson, who would like to be governor … did he not see that this thing wasn’t going to pass muster?”

Tom Tangney said, “I don’t understand why they can’t just make it a single issue instead of always trying to add more for political purpose. It backfires on them.”

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