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Everett Animal Shelter reuniting animals lost in mudslide with families

The Oso mudslide has left family pets abandoned and wandering.

The Everett Animal Shelter is working with the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Operations and the Red Cross to help house as many animals as they can.

“At the shelter we’ve set up lost and found books for just the Oso-Darrington-area where people have been affected by the slide, and this is an opportunity for citizens and animal owners with found animal information for their lost pets and we can take in that information,” explained Shelter Director Shannon Robinson.

Robinson said she appreciates that neighbors are taking the pets in when they find them, but wants to make it easier to reunite pets with their families.

“I do know there are a lot of citizens taking in animals that are found in the area and I think that’s great gesture,” said Robinson. “But also I would to encourage them to bring them here to the shelter so people in the community have one location to go to find their animal.”

Animals brought to the shelter will receive food and medical treatment. They will be held until they are successfully reunited with their owner.

Owners trying to find their pets lost in the mudslide can call the Everett Animal Shelter at (425)257-6000 to provide information about the animals.

Everett Animal Shelter has added information to theirFacebook page about animals that have been reported lost.

Those needing assistance with transporting the animals can contact Snohomish County Animal Control at (425)388-3440.

The shelter will also be taking in donations of food with a bulk delivery to the Oso site later this week or weekend.

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